Expansive Health Services

Integrating Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness  

Hello and Welcome

Is your life out of balance? Have you lost touch with your old self because you are discouraged, despairing, or desperate. Perhaps you have lost hope for yourself or a loved one. You are not alone. There are many who feel similarly and who do not know where to begin. I am here to help restore your faith in yourself and connect more fully with those you love and regain your footing in the world around you.

I believe that within all of us is the capacity to be well and to thrive. You may feel this is not possible because you have been suffering for so long. But, where there is help there is hope. I want to help guide you to a more hopeful outlook and give you the tools you need to think more clearly, feel more calmly, behave more consistently, and connect more fully with those around you.

There are many barriers to happiness. However, taking that first step toward health is critical, no matter what confronts us. If we can just lean forward and take that first step, the remaining steps will fall into place and so, often, will our lives.

Please look around this site for more information about the services we provide. Use the information provided to help you and those you love live more fully. When you are ready to take your next step, give me a call for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Wishing you health and happiness,